Prague half marathon

 Met at Carole’s house at 05:00 to drive to the airport. Very wet and dark but exciting to be going away 😁

First time I’ve ever been to Europe without at least one of my kids….. And they both want to go 😔 but this is for me. I spend all of my time ensuring they are looked after and well….. No one usually bothers about me lol. 

Have a great flight and arrive in Prague around 10:30. The travel system is brilliant. You buy a ticket at the machine for either 30 mins, 90 mins, one day or 3 days travel and after you validate it, you can use the same ticket on the bus, train or team. Britain could learn a few things!! 


The bus terminates at the station and we then get a train to the centre of town, which leaves us a 6 min walk to the hostel…. That is if you you where you are going lol. It’s always the last bit of the journey that throws up the problems hahaha but after narrowing it down we find the hostel. 

Looks great from the outside with a small bar/restaurant on the left and a shop we later find out sells everything except safety pins 😱. We are supposed to check in at 3 pm and it’s only 11:30 but the staff are very accommodating. Told us the room would take around 15 mins to prepare but to have a seat and they served us with tea and coffee 😁. When the room was ready, took our bags for us and showed us around. It feels like a hotel than a hostel. Everything about this place is spotless and very well cared for. 


The only thing missing was a TV or radio. Not that we needed it but just for some background noise. Beds soooo comfy too. Kitchen area to prepare food but to be honest no one ever did as the food is so cheap it’s not worth the hassle to cook. 


I booked the hostel as I thought it was close to the start of the race, didn’t know it was actually only a 5/10 min walk….. Brilliant 👍 and there is a tram that takes you from there up to the expo (plan for fri) 


Got unpacked and headed out for food and a walk about. Fancied trying proper Czech food but too hungry so went to the first place we came across was an Irish bar. 

Too Hungry to hunt about …. Headed in there. We get asked if we want smoking or no smoking….. Didn’t know they still did that and so wish they didn’t as you can smell the reek. Have to say that was disgusting but the food really made up for it as it was freshly cooked. Salmon with asparagus and saffron mash. It was amazing 😁 and very cheap…. This is gonna take some getting used to lol.  

Left there and wandered around and before we knew it we had found the astronomical clock. Now they say this is something you have to see. It chimes every hour and does some funky stuff???? A hem ….. It’s all a bit of hype to probably get you to that area as they have small huts that sell foods, drinks, fifer and even a small petting zoo ( pony, donkey, goats and kids and sheep) ….. Weird 😳 the smell is gorgeous with all the different foods and we decide to try these sweet cinnamon pastry type things with a cup of hot sweet apple wine …. Pastry is nice but very dry but the wine is nice lol 😁 all for the buildings are so beautiful and very detailed. The other amazing thin is there is no litter anyplace. The streets look like they have been scrubbed clean. Walking over one of the bridges, let’s you appreciate the views even more. With the palace on the hill. I read that the views are even better at night, so we make a plan to come back on fri or sat night. After a day of walking round the streets we decided to get some wine and crisps and head back to the hostel to relax. 


Friday and we are up and down for breakfast around 9am. Showers are powerful and clean…. 😁 Breakfast consists of different types of bread and rolls, cheese, hams, cereals, jams, salad, tea and coffee, juice from 07:30 to 10:30 We then head along to the metro to buy a day ticket for travel 110k (£3) and get the 17 tram to the expo. I always love this bit. Getting  your number and all the little freebies and looking at new kit 😁 We walked past a stand that was giving out bottles water. So we ended up with 2 bottles each. My great plan was to consume both and hydrate well…. Only to find it is not just water and taste absolute disgusting. It had a kind of salty taste and made me boak!!! I was to later find out this is what they supply on race day as the ONLY water!! (Just had to suck it up) 😱We did find out that there is a place called running mall and they do twice daily training sessions/classes. Anyone can join and you can do it for one day, a few days, a week or a month, and we then set off to formulate a new type of holiday to Prague ….😁 such fun 👣👣The expo itself was very small in comparison to London but very friendly and in our bag we got our number, various samples, choice of Adidas long or short sleeve t shirt ( we already paid for this) and a kit bag.  

I bought a pair of thee most amazing feeling Adidas running bottoms. (£45… Ouch) Prague  is not the place to buy what they term designer stuff…. Along at wenslas square we found a Nike shop where they have security on the door!! It’s ridiculously expensive 😡 so we left all of that and went on a wander again. Went in to macdonalds for food mmmmmmm 😁😁 twell I make it a rule wherever I go we have to try McDonald’s. So far Berlin is the best 🌟 Then Found the ice bar. It was  200kc for entry for 1/2 hr and one cocktail… It was hilarious and bloody freezing at  -5 degrees but plenty opportunities to take photos etc. 


After all out walking again, we headed back and planned to go to the little bar next to our hostel to try the local food…. We noticed that all places have their own menu but also a set daily menu. This tends to be smaller portions but a 3 course meal. We had vegetable soup, roast chicken, veg and chips and apple strudel to finish. It was fab 😁 

    This was the fab Czech food the 3rd night beef goulash which was  a 3 course again but loved pudding so much forgot to take photo lol 

Saturday morning sees us up bright and early for breakfast but race doesn’t start till midday…. Initially thought this will be brilliant but turned out to be a long wait! Maybe we should have stayed in bed longer hahahaha  


We eventually decide to leave the hostel and head to the start. Since there is water etc every 5k I decided not to take anything with me 😜 

This is us at the start waiting to go eeeek feels wierd running 13.1 not 31 lol. 

The race itself was good and the weather went from windy and cold to a fine breeze and rather warm. The water was indeed that rank stuff but everything else was great. Fresh oranges, bananas and power juice. Also sugar cubes and a tray of salt boak!! All going amazingly well as I settled in to a comfy rhythm. Powering up the ramps on to the bridges, loved the down hill bits and then at 18k the wheels came off……. Oops. Desperately wanted to come in under 2:10 but failed lol just really struggled in the last wee bit but hey I finished it. 


The bling was AWSOME ❤️❤️❤️

We got ourselves sorted out and watched the last if the runners coming in. When they say it finished in three hours…. They ain’t kidding!!! 

The steel band literally stopped playing at 3pm packed up and left!!! Which I thought was a bit pants as there were only a few runners left and the sweepers were in bikes behind them in orange. That was the only fault I could see. 

We then went for food and drink to the little market round from the hostel and I had 

Only cost approx £3  (100 kronan) tasted amazing 🙂 we then went back to the hostel, changed and went out to see the rest of Prague on the other side of the water, equally as beautiful but totally different  and bloody hilly lol 

The guide books told us to see the Charles bridge at night as it is so beautiful… So we thought we would head up the the palace after having out beef goulash and have a wander round there then come down to the bridge…..



Such a beautiful night…….


This is the view from the bridge…

Just not the same as actually being there. There was a guy below the bridge outside a wee bar playing a keyboard and a small open  fire buring  beside him… It would be a a perfect romantic moment except I was with Carole hee hee 

Then our trip was almost over 😦  back to the hotel to pack and have a bottle of wine and a blether.  Had an amazing time and would def go back in a heartbeat 






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D33 2015 eeeeek!!!

Well its the day of the race. Had hoped to arrive at this day better trained than last year…… not under trained but due to recent events this just wasn’t possible.  Vic and I arrived on the Friday to help put up the marquee, although unsure how much help we would be hahaha, but there were plenty of us so all went without a hitch 🙂

Went to the supermarket for food for tea and stuff for drop bags……. why can you never just buy a few things??? came oot the supermarket like id just done a weekly shop!!! Never mind on to the hotel and get set up for tomorrow. Vic managed to book a hotel with a pool and a spa…….. was amazing to just chill out for a wee while before heading back upstairs to eat 🙂

Hee hee picture the scene…… we both sat watching tv, sitting on tennis balls and stretching, while eating, drinking and trying to catch up with fb etc and im trying to keep my mind off tomorrow lol.

Worse sleep of my life and think I saw every hour. Weetabix and banana eaten, dressed, drop bags packed and SHIT its time to leave…..

Arrive at Duthie park around 07:45 and already huge line at the loo’s and I just know they are gonna stink!!  ok enough about that lol…….

Some strange people at the start……. no idea who they are lol







Outrun selling their wares……. I have no money 😦


The man himself George aka Mr Epic Shit


EEEEEEEEK!!!! The start.       #ijustwanttofinish


Ok so 8 miles to the first check point……. no problem so why am I finding this so difficult? one mile or so to the first cp and im like a bloody bus…… stop/start/stop/start seriously dunno why I was thinking I could do this??? So decided to have a word with myself….. Everyone seems to run with someone and they were all passing me… am I running really really slow?? and I feel so crap on my own. Ok you can give up cause that would be the easy bit…. go on you know you want to !!

Right just get to cp and reassess….Get in and decide to just get right back out again, no time to think. Just grabbed banana and go. Met Lynn Masterson on the way out and have a wee blether where she tells me she is running the alloa 1/2 the next day. Seriously dunno how folk do that. Woohoo there is a down hill….. that set me up for a better run to the next check point. With two miles to go I started to see all the other runners coming back from cp2. It always makes me feel kinda embarrassed as im not as fast as them, but hey Im out there running too 🙂 I said well done to nearly each and runner that passed me. They are awesome and get a bit emotional when they encourage me as you can see that they really mean it. My thoughts turn to my dad but have to stop that as it makes me cry and I cant run and cry………

Reach cp2 where Noanie and the others are……. ahhhhhhhh I feel like im seizing up, tight in the but and hammies, so a quick stretch, fill bladder and grab drop bag food and im off again…

Trying to force myself to eat on the move. I think its hilarious that I can eat when I don’t need to at any other time of day, but not when im running. I have to force a jam piece down my neck, let me tell you it really is a struggle. Coca cola when running is the best ever. Choc milk is fab too but forgot to get that…….really?? with all the other crap id bought I know its hard to believe lol. The good thing on the way back I get to see if there is any one behind me …… or am I actually last?? Phew im not last! Please don’t get me wrong, someone has to be but I just felt if I was id just throw in the towel. That pressure would be too much 😦  I met Lynn Ritchie earlier and although I passed her when she stopped for a pee, I never saw her again. 

All the road back I kept trying to work out if she had passed me as I didn’t see her. Hoping that everything was ok and that she hadn’t dropped out. Hopfully she stopped for another pee and she is ok?? I catch up with Lynn Masterson again and have another wee chat. I leave her as I just feel if I stop at this point I will seize up, make my apologies and keep moving forward. Try to stop myself from thinking about the cateran trail…..I just need to get to the 3rd cp before 14:30 (cut off time) make it and just take the cola from m drop bag. Cant face any food. Seriously I don’t know why I make these bags as I never use them. Just keep plodding on to the last wee check point. All the marshals are amazing but the two ladies at the last cp with 6 miles to go are just utterly amazing, really boosted my confidence and made me feel so much better. Must have stood there for 2-3 mins….. you guys were awesome!!! Ok so 6 miles to go. Suddenly that seems a huge distance and yet nothing all at the same time…..   Decide to break it down to 2 miles nibble, 2miles, nibble food and enjoy the last two miles…. 

This bit is also good as you start to see more and more of the public but nothing beats the feeling of seeing the entrance to the park. 

ITB started to play up for the last 3 miles, I’m surprised it waited as long but also glad it did. Caught up with guy and passed him. Then a game of cat and mouse ensued, as I had to stop and walk to ease off the itb, he would pass then when I ran I passed him again. I was determined to beat him but as we went in to the park the pain was awful and he passed me. This is where I would have sped up but my knee was screaming at me, so thought id just be sensible and finish running to the finish lol.

I did it, I didn’t think I would but I did it and no extra miles this year. Turns out only 4 mins quicker than last year but you know what I don’t care………33 miles in the bag for the Cateran 55 in 8 weeks time !!




Some of the route

Edit  Edit
The finish 👍


Not much left by the time I get in hahaha #mustrunfaster





Drop bags designed by my daughter 😊



cant believe i have no pain/blisters in feet





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Skwirlz time trial 🌟

This is my last wee run before D33. It’s a time trial tonight but I’m just gonna have a slow run as don’t want to injure myself running around like a muppet in the dark with a head torch on 😜 hate speed with a passion as I’m just so crap at it. So 2 miles, although passed quickly is 20 mins of torture for me lol. 

Decided not to check my time as I knew it would be shocking but I’m happy I ran. Legs feel fine. No niggles apart from a wee pain in piriformis but will stretch at the club house. We all head down to the stag for buffet and drinks as it’s the last one and some presentations due. I asked these guys if they would help me organise a race (fun thing) to raise money for dad’s charity for which they are are only too happy to help with 🙂 Each week we pay £1. Thursday is speed sessions sn sunday is trail runs. The time trials we pay £2 and all of this money raised goes towards charity’s and helping others. 

I was totally go smacked to receive a cheque from them for £100 for dad’s charity. The falkland trail runners are such a lovely bunch of runners and I’m just chuffed to bits to be a part of such an amazing bunch of folk 🌟❤️

Pants at photos lol 

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👣 20 mile long run 👣

Last long run before D33 😳

Can honestly say I’m not feeling the love for running long but as I have a whole year planned booked and paid for of running long, I’d better get my finger out!! 

Marshalling at kdy park run first 😉 I feel this is gonna be a very enjoyable experience ( as I hate 5k distance). Met up with Tricia and I have a clipboard hahaha ( incase their bar does don’t scan) The weather has been incredibly stormy all night and jane already thinking of not going 😔. I don’t have that choice. I could cut the run shirt and do insanity??  By the time I got to park run the weather had settled quite a bit. Marshalling is great fun cheering everyone on as they run round. I have the utmost respect for the slower runners as it’s sooo tough. Everyone home safe and sound. Off to see Nicola and deliver her buff as she is off to New Zealand tonight for 5 weeks ….. Well jealous 😢 

Jane text to say she will run and can I pick her up. We head off to meet Kirsty at lower largo car park. Get organised and head off along the disused railway line to st monans….. 10 miles out!!  It’s undulating costal path terrain with gorgeous views, just a shame it’s not a lovely day weather wise 😱 as we get further on and higher up the wind is much stronger 

It’s very clear they are both much better runners than me ( hahaha to be honest who isn’t??)  but we plod along to elie. Then my lower back starts to get sore and we try to think of a multitude of reason for this but think it’s just cause my core is shit and I don’t run as much as I should or stretch.  Had a concersation about how lax you get after doing the “first mara” where EVERYTHING  is done by the book!! After getting to 8 miles, jane says she is just gonna hang about as she can’t do 20 miles , so will wait here till we get back??? I’m a bit concerned as I don’t want to leave her and I’m more than happy to head back but Kirsty won’t let me. She says I need to do the extra 4 miles 😔 little does she know she would be much quicker if I didn’t but off we go lol. We lost the path, not realising we should take the high tide path, this sees us loosing the path and having to go they a graveyard ???? All very confusing ….. Till on the return the wind is so bad we are actually jogging on the spot….. Not moving because of the wind eeeeeek!!! I’m knackered and fed up with the wind I just want to go home now, but turns out jane just kept walking/jogging along the coast line and when we meet with jane, turns out the proper low tide path was here ….😱

Yup right down at the water and that’s how jane came round!!!  Omg anything could have happened and she HATES Water!!! Kirsty and I on the other hand came this way (photo is on the way back) 

This photo cracks me up as jane looks like a tiny little person against Kirsty hahahahahaha. 

It’s a tough run back as the wind is in iur face for most of it till we get to the sheltered areas, not many lol!  I keep trying to eat although I’m not hungry. I had a slice of toast cubed with peanut butter, some foam strawberries and some of Kirsty’s custard. Washed down with 1.5L of water and hi5 tabs 

Never so glad to get back to the car and have no idea how or where I’m gonna find the extra 13 miles for D33 on sat 14th March x

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Round up of training

So we had torch lite race on Monday night. Tuesday saw me at spin with jane. Loved it. It’s a tough class but can feel it in my legs which is what I need. Although I def need to get out on the hills. 

Wednesday I met up with Lynn from the skwirlz and a few others from groups on fb to run over the forth road bridge. It’s the 125 year of the bridge and there was a fly over from a typhoon and a spitfire. The typhoon came and went so fast we hardly saw it but the spitfire was beautiful ❤️ We then did a bit on the fife coastal path at north queens ferry which took us up to 5.8 miles. 

Took a wee drive to decatholon and bought a jacket for after races , calf guards and a wee rucksack. Decided to go to spin again tonight with jane. Didn’t enjoy it as much, not quite sure why but glad I did it. Think spin once a week is enough 😉  Thursday got up late and eventually moved my ass and did max 30 tabata and then max 10 abs…. 😱 can’t believe how hard that was…. I now have shaky legs and arms and still have training at skwirlz tonight…. Speed session too eeeeeeeekk!!!  Well it was tough. Really felt it in my legs. We were supposed to do 6 loops but I think I only did 5?? As usual I lost count  hahaha decided I’d just have to run till they said stop 😜. I’m gonna have a rest day tomorrow. Son isn’t coming home this weekend so promised I would send him a wee box of stuff 🌟😁  I have one last long run to do on Saturday for D33, first proper race and first ultra of 2015 and have the company of Tracy and jane.  X

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Torchlit run Monday 2nd March 7:30pm

About 2 hours before heading to shell bay for the 3.2 mile torch lit run, it began to snow!!!! It’s the 2nd of March man 😱😱 Never expected that. Hoped that the most of it would just disappear as is the norm after a wee flurry. Headed up to get changed and get there a bit earlier just incase it doesn’t clear. 

Got out my car to register. Omg I’m such a wimp in the cold but honestly it was blowing a hoolie 😳 So it’s £2 to enter and as it’s all for charity gave a fiver …. 😉 my good deed done.  Sat in the car with jane and him as still at least half an hour to the start.  Had a good blether but had to eventually get oot ❄️❄️❄️ 

At the start line a photographer for the local rag (east fife mail)  came up to a bunch of us and said “I want you together for a photo hahaha me???  Soon it was time to listen to the safety brief and the outline of the route…. Which makes always confuses me lol. And we are off…… 

Up the tar road we drove down to get here, turning left at the top and running along trail type path which was good but rather muddy and slippy haha. A few cheery marshals along the route. Jane shouting encouragement to Jim and I 🌟Then again turning left that would take us in to the caravan park and heading out toward the sea on a loop. Wow the wind was really strong and blowing small rain on to your face which stung and suddenly runners coming back down???? I’m confused as I thought this was a loop not an out and back??? Oh well carried on and passed the guy in front of me (who passed me earlier) hahaha I like that in races. It’s like a game of ping pong 😉 Further on I seen a woman and a little girl running towards us. She was muttering something…. The wee girl was running on her own and had lost her friend. She was really upset. The lovely woman said they had went the wrong way and we suddenly saw a dim glow stick further on and decided that must be the way?? So carrying on, the guy passes me again lol and out we come back in to the caravan park. No idea what happened as I was following those in front of me. Apparently we should have headed down on to the beach but ended up running round the caravan park. Jane and him caught up with is and we decided to just run up the path that takes you to the start. Whether that is the finish or not!  I had passed the guy again and a lovely young girl with a red jacket on chummed me to the finish where we had a wee sprint to the end. Such. Great fun on a cold night. On going through the finish funnel I got handed a small cup and a bag of haribos for being the First Lady home and the girl in red got second lady 😁😁😁 I was shocked and very puzzled as I know there were loads in front of me and most Importantly I am not a fast runner. Turns out some were DQ  well that’s a turn up eh hahahaha oh well a win is a win 😜👍🏆

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Another muck up…… 

This weekend like the last few weekends my son said he wasn’t coming up from catterick and every weekend he has. I don’t mind obviously but I just get really stressed out for reasons I’m not gonna put on here! 

So on talking with his sister he decided to bring one of his mate with him to show him a little bit of Scotland lol or in their case the inside of pubs 😳 

I had a nightmare race in on Friday night and had arranged to meet a few friends there. Just another way to get a few miles in as I have two runs on Saturday and on tired legs= more miles. So he phones me at 5pm. Can you pick me up now??? In Edinburgh??? I do have to keep reminding him that trains do come to Kirkcaldy and markinch!! 😳 I don’t mind …… So off we go to pick them up and yup missed the race. Def one of those weeks 😔 oh well onwards and upwards. 

Did manage Kirkcaldy park run on Saturday morning  with a time of 29:40 happy with that as legs felt heavy. No sure if it was the hokas or just in my head lol. Dropped dad’s car back at the garage, who were lovely and then ran back to mums in leven which was tough but completed 14 miles in total today 😉

Took kids and jack along to anstruther for a fish supper. 

Then then all went out round the pubs in leven and I went home. No training planned for Sunday but maybe a wee catch up with nik before she heads to New Zealand for 5 weeks x

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